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More about Wazuka!

Wazuka may be a sleepy little town, but there’s a lot to see. Early mornings are especially beautiful, before the mist burns off.

Vegetable fields, old architecture, and a somewhat out-of-place looking clock… Wazuka aesthetic!


Plum at Dawn
Plum blossoms at dawn.


Local Flora
More local flora, at Tenmangu shrine.

Apparently there are a lot of wild boar in the area, and in February I could often hear gunshots from the mountains. You can buy boar skins and meat on the main road.

There are countless tiny shrines and Buddhist cemeteries scattered around town.


This building, which I think is a warehouse, is right in front of our door. Not sure how old it is, but it looks very traditionally built, from the ceramic tile roof to the walls made of earth and what looks like straw.

Old architecture

There’s a stream that runs through town, which is lined with cherry blossom trees (not yet blooming). It’s a good place to see birds, of which there are many. I think the bird below is a crane, but I’m not sure… any bird watchers able to help me out?


That’s all for now! Most of these pictures are from mid-February, and the scenery has already changed as we’re heading into spring. See you next time!


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