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Obubu House and Daily Life

Hey everyone, long time no post! My comparative silence here has been a good thing, promise; I’ve been busy experiencing life here in Wazuka. Today I’m going to share a bit more about life at Chez Obubu! 

The picture above is of us interns, hanging out at Yamajin, a local tea shop. We stopped by on a whim, and were welcomed in with friendly conversation. The owner, who chatted with us the whole time, is 74 and has lived in Wazuka his whole life. The tea was, of course, delicious! 

Living Room

The Obubu house is comfortable and usually quiet. The living room is one of my favorite places to work and hang out. There’s a piano in the dining room, so I spend a lot of my free time figuring out songs I know by ear, and messing around adding chords. (You can see my hand knit socks in the pic below – thanks Mom! <3)

Living Room 2
There are tatami (straw) mats in the living room, and in my bedroom. I’m definitely going to miss them when I come home! They make the floor just a bit softer and more springy. They’re convenient for doing exercises like sit-ups, more comfortable than hard-wood.


I’ve even got a balcony, which you can see through the sliding door in the picture above. There are mountains and fields of tea and vegetables all around us. There are so many good friends I wish were here to enjoy the beauty with me! I hope you can enjoy vicariously on the blog. 🙂



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